About Us

2 degrees of exploration 

At FireEngine, we consider creativity to be more than simply meeting a brief. That's why we always challenge ourselves to do more, innovate more and explore more - to go two degrees further than others are prepared to go. It's those two degrees that set us apart from the crowd, that enable us to take brands into new territories, to push boundaries, to mine the unexpected and to always, always venture further. It's those same two degrees that motivate us to continually go beyond the ask of a brief, posing incisive questions, devising effective strategies, probing different creative avenues, and ultimately transforming good ideas into great ones. Two degrees. It's a small gap between us and the rest but it's one that's made the biggest difference. 

The '2' behind the 2 degrees - Natalie Davidson and Lynn Evert

There's the conventional and then there's FireEngine - an independently owned boutique agency founded by two passionate individuals and built on more than 50 years of collective industry experience. We may have a multitude of local and international awards to our name but we also have something far more valuable - a drive and a determination to develop creative solutions that leverage brands, emotions and experiences. 

From small corporate identity jobs to huge multi-media integrated campaigns, at FireEngine we're equipped to handle any project that comes our way, as long as it meets one simple condition - it needs to excite us. Because when a job excites us, that's when we get fired up. That's when we bring our sharply honed expertise to bear, crafting work that thrills, inspires and succeeds. We may specialise in ideas and creativity, but we specialise in going further as well; going two degrees beyond the norm in search of the new, the original, and the unexpected. It's an approach that's served us well over the years, and it's why after setting up shop more than a decade ago, we're still able to do what we do best - explore, challenge, and above all, create.



Why FireEngine? 

Why indeed? As it turns out, there's something to be said for working with a boutique agency over a more traditional outfit:

  • Less red tape. No meetings about having meetings, no drawn-out approval processes, no intermediaries to go through. Just quality creative work on time and on budget. 
  • More personalised attention. We don't send in an army of suits to do our job for us - instead we take a more direct approach, working alongside our clients and overseeing every phase of every project, every step of the way. What you see is what you get, and what you get is FireEngine, up close and personal.
  • Tailor-made solutions. Everyone says it, but we actually mean it. That's the beauty of being independently owned, and having a network of highly-skilled specialists and professionals at our disposal. It means we're able to craft unique, innovative, customised creative solutions to business problems, and craft them well, producing work that goes 2 degrees past that of our competitors. 

Our Process

From strategic thinking and conceptualisation to design and implementation, we apply a tried and tested process to every one of our projects - one honed over years of experience in the industry, and guaranteed to meet each client's core objectives in order to produce tangible results. 


Question & Listen

Just as every client is different in audience, structure, goal and personality, so is every creative solution different as well. That's why in order to get to the heart of each brand's customer promise we ask question after question until we have a clear picture of our client's needs and objectives. It's how we build a strong foundation for each of our projects, and it's how we establish a starting point for our creative process.


Strategy & Solutions

Once we understand our client's needs, the next step is to begin exploring their positioning, vision, mission, values and unique selling proposition, with a view to building a sound brand framework. As soon as this has been established, the creative magic can begin in all its many forms, from brainstorming and creative conceptualisation to design development and presentation. In this way, by first plotting a clear strategic direction and using this to inform our creative execution, we are able to develop innovative solutions that are unique, meaningful and significant.


Fulfill & Manage

Choosing the right media mix and audience for our client’s campaign, launch or repositioning directly impacts the effectiveness of our roll-out strategy. To this end, we oversee and manage every aspect of every project to ensure that the core objectives are delivered and the intended solution is met.


Maintain & Sustain

The brief might have been fulfilled, but our commitment to our clients doesn’t end there. That's because we're always ready to step in, whatever the challenge, whenever we’re needed. Whether our clients choose to take us on as brand custodians or creative consultants, or even if they need a single piece of work executed, we're always on hand to lend our services and our expertise. And the same goes for maintaining our client relationships and ensuring that the lines of communication are always kept open and relevant. Because when we say we go two degrees beyond the rest, we mean it. 

Want to start making the FireEngine process work for you? Simply contact us and we'll guarantee that your brand delivers on its promises, as consistently, effectively and creatively as possible. .