It’s from the world around me that I find my most significant inspiration.

The quiet pondering of the universe and the constant observation of things, places, people and nature. These are the moments when you feel the answer to a question rise up within you – and so the creative path is set.

As far as I can remember, the creative spirit has always lived in me and at the heart of most things I do. From painting every tree trunk in my childhood garden a different colour to create a new world, to ideating concepts, directing brand stories and developing campaigns and brand identities for local and international brands as an adult in some of the worlds biggest agencies. Creativity is in my DNA – or that’s certainly how it feels!

My path to design and advertising as a formal career started at school. It was here that I discovered art and immediately loved how it made me feel. How the paint smelt and how wondrous it was to stare at a blank canvas and turn it into something meaningful and beautiful using color, depth and texture. To make something new, to bring into existence something and turn it in to a feeling that can be shared. School led me to art college and it was here that I graduated as student of the year and armed only with a shiny new, untouched portfolio began looking for opportunities in the big wide world of advertising.

It was in the big agencies that the doors opened for me, starting as a junior designer (as one does) to becoming a creative director and co-business unit Director of one of the top three global agencies. From mounting layouts onto presentation boards, to being a decision maker in a top global agency to winning awards both locally and internationally – the time spent working with and learning from some of the industry’s giants and leaders taught me the intricacies of how and what it meant to drive a successful business, whilst always retaining creative excellence.

FireEngine was born by the meeting of two creative minds and wild ambition. A mutual desire to take years of hard learnt skill and honed talent, and turn it into a new breed of agency. With grit, bravery, passion and a will to succeed, we forged our path, bringing together some of the best minds and talent in the industry.

Our managed and carefully selected network of specialists make real the desire for work that shines bright and breaks the mould – and most importantly makes people feel inspired, moved and excited.

My love of space and technology always has me looking skyward, dreaming of infinite travels into the vastness of the universe and then writing fantastical novels and making wondrous films about what I’d found. To this end, and because NASA won’t give me a space suit and I can’t afford a space ship, I am a song writer and singer. I have held in me many an unwritten book and endless ideas about how to make the world a better place through design.

I have worked through many nights to meet a deadline and spent many days defining meaningful experiences for our clients – the ones who trust us to bring the very best of ourselves, our collective talent and creative intelligence to every brief.