Social Media

Are you part of the conversation?

At its essence, social media is a conversation; a real-time dialogue bringing people closer together, and creating an opportunity for them to be brought closer to your brand at the same time. Through posts, videos, film, animation, hashtags, shares and likes, social media is a living, breathing entity, one perpetuated by the users themselves through the most powerful tool of all: engagement. And it’s this engagement that your brand needs to harness in order to not just join the conversation, but to steer it, guide it, and move it forward on your terms.

That’s where social media marketing comes in – a powerful medium designed to introduce you to your users and to ultimately transform comments, likes and shares into traffic, leads and sales. The more successfully you’re able to connect with your audience, the more your social credibility will increase – and the more impact your brand will have in the marketplace.

Previously, traditional advertising was responsible for increasing awareness and driving sales; today, social media marketing is building on this by offering a variety of different channels for brand promotion, each one vastly cost-effective, with high conversion potential, global reach, and increased inbound traffic. What’s more, thanks to social analytics and reporting, tracking and measuring the success of a campaign is quicker and more accurate than ever, allowing for instant adjustments and providing valuable insights for future relationship building.

In this way, social media marketing is able to reach its audience in a way that goes beyond traditional advertising, engaging with its users on a personal level in order to make them see the one simple truth: that we are all connected.

Joining The Conversation: Our Services

As social beings, it is our humanity that connects us – and a successful social media marketing campaign is one that highlights this connection in as captivating and engaging a way as possible. If your brand is able to establish an authentic relationship with its audience, you won’t just have an advertising campaign – you’ll have an ongoing dialogue with regular, active participation and extraordinary potential for growth. You’ll have a connection – and a hugely powerful one at that.

So how do you make your voice heard and start to build social capital? As with any marketing campaign, by learning who your customers are, and how to speak to them. Sharp social insights create successful social campaigns, so the more we’re able to understand your users and what motivates them, the more we can help to create traffic that increases your social credibility and ultimately drives sales.

Just as no two brands are alike, no two social media campaigns are alike. As such, once we have a holistic view of your business and your customer, we’ll be able to craft your social media package to your particular needs by way of a simple three-step process:


Plan: It all starts with a plan, and at Hello Social, we start our planning process by engaging with you one on one, asking relevant questions and learning more about your vision and desires for your brand. Then we get to work, drawing up a framework for your social media presence that includes:

  • Strategy: digital, brand, communications, and/or creative content
  • Advertising and paid media strategy: understanding your core customer and evaluating your social media channels in order to identify which are gaining traction
  • Social media objectives
  • Recommendation of appropriate social platforms
  • Content plan and conversation
  • Content calendar schedule
  • Strategic planning and lead generation ideas
  • Engagement ideas
  • Reporting structure

Launch: Once you’ve signed off on your personalised plan of action, then the social media magic begins! Your presence is established, your campaign is launched, and your conversation with your customers begins, through a variety of channels such as:

  • Initial set-up of social media platforms
  • Social media advertising
  • Content generation through text, film, animation, design and more
  • Content calendar generation
  • Intelligent creative solutions
  • Owned, earned and paid media
  • Engagement with fans/followers
  • Influencer marketing
  • Ongoing social media and brand management

Measure: Are your customers participating in your campaign? Are you successfully retaining their attention? Is your social media presence an impactful one? Our range of measurement metrics can help answer these important questions, through the use of tools such as:

  • Social media marketing optimisation
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Social analytics, tracking and reporting
  • Interactions with the existing strategic plan based on analytics
  • Presentation of learnings and planned optimisations for the future

In this way, we’ll be able to determine the strength of your social media marketing, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure that the conversation you’re having with your customers is one that’s always new, always exciting, and always, always engaging.

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