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Project Name

Brand Refresh


The Brief

GVK-Siya Zama Building Contractors celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2015. The client brief centred around a refreshed graphic presence, together with the design of a distinct 21st emblem to mark the occasion of this milestone anniversary. The brand is well-known in the construction and property markets and the client sought to cement its presence and positioning as a contemporary South African construction brand. Graphic elements incorporated the launch of an exciting new tagline developed through the participation of its internal stakeholders. FireEngine was instructed to maintain certain elements of the previous CI such as the colour and the trowel device. We were also required to re-establish all aspects of the brand including brand positioning, narrative, photography, marketing material and all digital elements, while maintaining a very clean corporate feel for the refreshed brand.


Creative Solution

Construction is, by design, still a very manual industry. While many processes are mechanized, the industry largely relies on labour workers who, guided by skilled site management and supervisors, give life to the visions and designs of architects and other skilled construction professionals. The creative interpretation included the use of real-life images of a pair of “construction hands”, so integral to the idiom of the industry. This imagery and symbolism was applied to all printed and electronic platforms where the brand had a presence. Together with the inclusion of the word CONSTRUCTION as part of the logo, the brand was able to firmly position itself as a greenfields contractor, rather than a painting and restoration company. Building Strength was established as the new brand statement. In addition to the new CI, a new narrative and brand look and feel was established whilst being mindful of the conservative CI boundaries. A mind map of all required elements was established along with a timing plan for delivery. A full brand roll-out was initiated.


It was agreed that a national CI launch roadshow would be the best way to activate the change with all staff and clients holistically. The roadshow was held in four regions. The FireEngine developed the event experience including the film production of the new GVK-Siya Zama brand story. In support of the new CI, a new Health and Safety campaign was launched at sites around the country. “Safety Builds Strength” became the internal mantra for the HSSE program.

GVK-Siya Zama competes against some of the biggest names in the construction, renovation and painting industry. That being said, it was imperative that the brand’s viability be maximised at every touch point. Along with the new CI and logo development, a new signage CI was developed to ensure that the site signage was clear and visible. The “refreshed” elements of the brand were launched during a countrywide roadshow at events to which all stakeholders were invited. In tandem with the production of a brand story entitled BUILDING STRENGTH, the new logo, tagline, brochure, website and a range of redesigned graphic elements exceeded the brief and achieved great traction with all relevant stakeholders. An internal brand engagement campaign built around the new tagline has subsequently achieved remarkable buy-in and spontaneous spin-off, which has dramatically improved brand cohesion throughout the different areas in which the brand operates. The client, in conjunction with The FireEngine and a brand strategist, is currently developing an integrated brand values campaign to maximize the positive outcome of the 2015 brand refresh.