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Project Name

Investment Insights – Going The Distance


The Brief

FireEngine was commissioned to develop an audio visual to capture the sentiment of sticking with an investment journey no matter how tough the market.

Bruce Fordyce was the MC and guest speaker at the roadshow event. The client requested a creative solution that further developed the concept of “Going the Distance”.

Client’s brief and high level narrative:

Just like an athlete running a marathon, investment returns don’t come in a straight line.

Over the last 30 years, the South African stock market has delivered real growth to you and your customers.

Despite these investment returns being random, they reinforce the importance of sticking to your goals, and serve as a stark reminder that if you want to win the race, you have to go the distance. Volatility will always be there, but volatility represents opportunity. Look for an example of a South African who has gone the distance in terms of sport/extreme sport, and showcase:

  • The story
  • What needs to come out in the story
  • Sheer desire to win
  • Determination to reach the end
  • Understanding the winning preparation and planning
  • Single-minded approach from a team of professionals

It doesn’t matter if the elements work against you, you need to stick to your plan!

At Old Mutual Investment Group/At Old Mutual Wealth

Create one story with different “tails” to cater for both Old Mutual Investment Group Investment Insights and Old Mutual Wealth.

Creative Solution

It was vital that an experience was created in order to maximise the sentiment of this roadshow and brand story. We needed to play on the senses and develop a piece of film that allowed an emotional connection with the narrative.

As such, we decided to drive the concept of “Going the Distance” by making use of a life story that perfectly symbolised what it takes to succeed even in times when it seems impossible. To keep going and never give up. To push yourself beyond your limits. Bruce Fordyce was such a person. A local hero.

Taking inspiration from his life story we developed a piece of film that laid bare the hard facts about “Going the Distance” in symbolic context to investing. The trials, the tough times, the support, the glory moments and the times when it all makes sense.

This piece of film visually took the audience on a journey, supported by storytelling and narrative, through a moment in the life of a sportsman who chose to create a positive future by staying the course. By “Going the Distance”.

In support of the “Going the Distance” theme, video mapped stings were developed for each of the speakers as introductory pieces. This further added to the inspirational experience by ensuring that there were no lost moments.

The audio visual was projected onto a custom-built set that was modular in construct for easier transport across the country.

The creative process included a written conceptual script and a fully illustrated storyboard crafted by hand. This storyboard was followed down to the last scene throughout the production, including wardrobe.


The roadshow spanned 12 days of events reaching over 3 000 people. Travelling over 14 000 kilometres, an event experience was created that inspired, shifted and engaged people in the most compelling way, through the medium of film and sensory exploration.

FireEngine have had the opportunity to develop creative content for a number of the Old Mutual Investment Group Investment Insights roadshows over the years. The Investment Insights roadshows have become a benchmark event on the calendar of investment engagements.

The use of experiential mediums such as film allows the audience to feel the narrative and relate to it on a more personal level. It is a proven fact that creating an experience with the use of sight, sound and spatial design encourages the brain to distil and retain information to a far greater degree.