Old Mutual Investment Group

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Project Name

The Co-llective


The Brief

FireEngine was approached by the Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) to develop a creative campaign for their Customer Centricity programme. The client wanted to instil an attitude of putting the customer at the centre of all OMIG’s processes and procedures:

  • To open the lines of communication internally
  • To initiate a culture of commitment and embrace the values of Enabling Positive Futures
  • To break down the internal silos and nurture a more human-centric environment
  • To create a vehicle to deliver the new brand positioning: As Invested As you Are
  • To learn to understand the customer’s needs and generate positive and compelling experiences for both staff and customers


The Challenge

To ensure that all staff embraced the sentiment of partnership and commitment to enable customer-centricity, and a positive future for all concerned.

Creative Solution

To create a positioning and visual language that everyone could understand and believe in:

  • A Culture That Champions Partnerships
  • The Co-llective
  • Enabling Positive Futures. Because we’re As Invested As you Are.

To create a world that we all want – a better one. The one that our customers want isn’t the work of a single person. It takes a far larger effort. It takes a cause, a calling. A calling that staff can rally around and that lives by the principles of As Invested As you Are. A calling inspired enough and committed enough.

A calling known as The Co-llective

The Co-llective campaign was developed using various mixed media. Largely internally driven, all aspects of the campaign were developed to focus on creating a culture that championed partnerships. To this end, and in order to ensure commitment and participation we opted to engage staff from the very outset of the campaign.

Concept Development

In the interests of driving the concept of The Co-llective, we cast staff as the characters that would tell this story. Staff appeared in all the communications used to drive the narrative and tell The Co-llective story. We strategically did this knowing that if staff “created” the campaign they would have a vested interest in its success.

Digital Teaser Campaign

An electronic teaser campaign was developed to create initial awareness around the campaign.

The teasers were sent out at weekly intervals prior to the actual launch of the workshops.

Digital Invites

A save the date and formal invitation was deployed electronically to all staff, including executives, inviting them to attend the Co-llective workshop.


The workshop programme was developed with the aid of the HR and Marketing departments at OMIG to create a working space where staff would be exposed to, engage with and help to create this new culture of partnership. Support material included interactive paper tablecloths, brochure material, workshop packs, interactive posters, banners and audio visual production and story development.

The Space

The OMIG auditorium was used as a venue for the workshops. This space had to be re-imagined in order to create an environment that was inviting, warm, intimate and encapsulated the energy required to carry staff through this journey. Using sustainable materials and substrates, the entire auditorium space was converted into a barista-style coffee bar and lounge.

Couch seating, projected graphic lighting and French café snacks added to the ambiance and feel of a contemporary working space.

The Set

A full set using a custom-built over-sized screen on truss was built on-stage to showcase the presentation material along with the support audio visuals.


Again, sustainable materials were used to create a warm lounge feel. The introduction of brand colours was incorporated using indigenous plants and locally produced textiles and fabrics for the couches and pillows. The barista bar was created out of re-purposed pallets and was subtly lit using the brand CI colours. Round working tables were strategically placed throughout the auditorium space to accommodate the staff as they engaged with the facilitators and each other.

Environmental Graphics

The core values of the business also became part of the office space design in a contemporary and tasteful way. This allowed staff to own the values and remind themselves to live them every day according to company principles.


The four-day workshop resulted in an over-attendance. Further tables and chairs were required to be brought into the workshop space to accommodate the staff’s desire to be part of the journey. The staff imparted incredibly useful data regarding their experiences with customers and their needs and expectations.

The Customer-Centricity campaign EXEC team packaged the inputs and arrived at seven work streams that were identified as ways of achieving the highlighted objectives and challenges.

Over 20 key milestones have been achieved as a result of this campaign, and this ongoing programme continues to drive a culture that champions partnerships.

Additional extensions of the campaign, such as creating coffee bar lounge areas within the office space have also been developed, allowing staff to remain connected to the spirit of the concept.

Workshops are held every three months to review progress and continue to plot out the campaign and its future objectives.