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Project Name

Responsible Investing
Tomorrow Publication and launch event


The Brief

Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) is committed to investing responsibly and has been on a steady and focused Responsible Investment (RI) journey. OMIG have taken a leadership role with respect to responsible investing which has become a key part of their business strategy.

With this in mind, our brief was to create and produce a publication that would provide a platform for telling this Responsible Investing story, sharing the RI guidelines that OMIG have committed to and sharing articles and essays developed by Old Mutual executives, investment professionals and experts in the field of governance and sustainability.

The range of issues to be covered was to reflect the complexity, scale and challenges facing practitioners of RI, while creating honest and open engagement on topics to incite change and to share the investment innovation believed by OMIG to shift the dial on investment and RI conversations. Above all, the publication was to be visual, exciting and an interesting read.

Creative Solution

Our solution was simple: to create a publication that was not only good to look at but that contained interesting and engaging content as well. The substance of the publication needed to represent OMIG’s approach to RI as well as follow the brand guidelines set out by the business.

As the sentiment of the publication was a focus on OMIG’s ability to enable positive futures, the theme of the publication followed this thinking as well. “Tomorrow” told this story and so was established as the naming convention for the masthead.

In support of the naming convention, the copy content, developed by the client internally and by external contributors, was also interpreted visually through design by developing infographics, illustration and a photography feel for the publication.

Each article needed to be visually manifested and all graphics and images needed to support the content of each article. The content was conceptually interpreted in order to ensure that each page felt like a journey and was fully represented.

In support of the “Tomorrow” theme, the cover image highlighted a child’s face with the world painted onto it. This was to further enhance the concept of how investing responsibly today will result in a better future for us all. Responsible investment = positive futures.

Sustainable papers were used for the print and production of the publication to ensure that all environmentally-friendly measures possible were taken for this project.

Additionally the publication was launched at an event both in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Both of these events were supported by specialist speakers and OMIG executives showcasing the content and topical issues at hand. Press, industry leaders and international guests attended this “master class” in the showcasing of RI.

The first ever large curved screen in SA was used for the AV stings and presentation material. The AV stings were video mapped onto the curved screen to create a 180 degree feel for the event. The technology and innovation used in the curved screen and video mapping further told the publications story by trailblazing the journey.


The production of the publication spanned four months from brief to complete print production. While working closely with the internal team managing the content, the design process evolved for each article ensuring that its unique story was harnessed.

The publication, the first of its kind in South Africa, has been widely received as a noteworthy and very worthwhile document that not only demystifies RI but creates clarity on how investors can shape the future sustainably.

Due to the demand for the publication, it was reprinted an additional three times.

It was so well received that the publication was developed again in 2016. It continues to be a source of very relevant and engaging information regarding RI.

The event, attended by local and international guests, was so well received that a second event was held in both JHB and CT in September 2016 for the launch of volume 2 of the Tomorrow Publication.